JumpKeys Pro 1.2 - Software Limitations

All the features of this software (**) will work in the majority of applications.  Child window operations and a few clipboard operations will not work in some applications.  Before purchasing the Pro version of JumpKeys please ensure that the child window operations and clipboard operations work in the applications you will be using it with.

 **  These limitations only apply to the Pro version of JumpKeys.

Tip:  If you decide that the Pro version of JumpKeys is not for you, feel free to download JumpKeys for an additional 21 day trial period.


Child Window Operations

Problems with child window operations come in two forms:  1.) with some applications, you will be able to tag a child window, but when you try to select it, JumpKeys Pro will not switch to the window (this is the case with Visual FoxPro®)  2.) with other applications, you will not be able to tag any of the child windows because JumpKeys Pro does not recognize them.


Clipboard Operations - Intermittent Failures

ExpressInsert, some of the ExpressEdit operations, and some of the tool button operations use the clipboard to copy and/or paste text into the application you are working in.  The clipboard is shared by all open programs on the desktop, which can cause some clipboard operations from JumpKeys Pro to fail.

In some applications - after the application has just been opened - the first clipboard operation performed by JumpKeys Pro will fail.  The text that was previously in the clipboard (which may be blank) is pasted instead of the text you requested.  When this happens use the application's Undo function (Ctrl+Z), then repeat the clipboard operation from JumpKeys Pro.

The frequency of clipboard operation failures vary, depending on the Windows® operating system you have, and the application(s) you are using JumpKeys Pro with.  Clipboard operations can also be affected by specific applications that are running in the background - such as a utility that utilizes the clipboard.  If you are experiencing intermittent clipboard failures, then;  on the Clipboard Tools tab of the Options dialog box, uncheck  'Restore the original contents of the clipboard ...'.  If this does not solve the problem then uncheck  'Automatically Copy selected text...'.  Disabling the first, or both, of these options will resolve most intermittent clipboard problems. 

Windows NT Workstation:  The two Clipboard Tools options noted above are not available in Windows NT®.  Thus, you are required to manually copy the selected text to the clipboard (using Ctrl+C directly, or through one of the ExpressEdit keys) before executing an UPPER CASE, lower case or Proper Case operation.

Windows NT/2000:  If you are using Windows NT®/Windows® 2000 or later, you may find on rare occasions that one of the Shift, Ctrl or Alt  keys will stay 'on' while using ExpressEdit  (this is indicated in the small ExpressEdit window (if  'Monitor the state of the Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys'  is checked on the Clipboard Tools tab of the Options dialog box)).  When this happens, simply tap the key to clear it.  Similarly, in Windows® 2000 or later, you may have to toggle the NumLock key in certain situations to get the ExpressEdit keys E, L, S, W, Y to work properly.

Clipboard Operations - Incompatible Applications

In some applications, a few of the clipboard operations will not work.  This is usually just a problem with the ExpressEdit keys E, L, S, W, Y (as is the case with Visual FoxPro®).


revised:  Mar 14, 2001