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Keyword Merge  1.0
A web research utility that helps narrow your results when using search engines.  Keyword Merge works similar to a mail merge - it merges fields from a data file into search terms submitted to a search engine.  Before installing on Windows Vista/7/8/10 please create a folder such as 'C:\mystuff\Keyword Merge'.  Then, when prompted by the installer use the new folder as the destination.

To install the 21-day trial version of Keyword Merge, download and run the installer:
from Download.com (CNET)
Major Features
keyword/field merge:  merge a field, or multiple fields, from each record of a data file into search terms (keywords) submitted to a search engine, where each record of the data file represents an individual search.
URL surfing:  designate a field of a data file as a 'URL Field'.  With this feature, Keyword Merge can be used as a quick way of cycling through URLs (web pages) that you would like to revisit on a regular basis.
hot key:  assign a hot key to merge/search each record of the data file without having to leave your browser.    
data manipulation:  change merged field data (keywords) dynamically when the search is being submitted; convert to lowercase, and/or remove specific words or phrases.
browser launch:  Keyword Merge will launch your browser if it is not already open.  This allows you to initiate a search from your desktop.
Always On Top:  make Keyword Merge stay visible over other windows on the desktop.
customize:  Keyword Merge can be customized by hiding the menu, resizing field widths, etc.
data file compatibility:  Keyword Merge can load any CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file.  Typically, the CSV text file will have been created by an application such as a spreadsheet or database program.  Keyword Merge will also load plain text files that contain a single column (field) of data.
data file preferences:  preferences for each data file (search terms, field widths, and current record) are saved automatically, and are restored the next time you load the file.
OS support:  Keyword Merge was tested on Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.  Since the introduction of User Account Control in Windows® Vista/7/8/10 you will need permission to create/edit a file in the folder in which Keyword Merge is run.  When prompted by the install program (setup.exe) change the default folder (using the 'Change Directory' button) to a folder for which you have permission.
Other Possible Uses
Keyword Merge makes a great CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file viewer.

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