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TabPad  1.5
TabPad is a colorful RTF tabbed notepad with auto-save, customizable interface and hot key.
Before installing on Windows Vista/7/8/10 please create a folder such as 'C:\mystuff\TabPad'.  Then, when prompted by the installer use the new folder as the destination.  Before using the hot key feature please refer to the Help documentation.

To install the 21-day trial version of TabPad, download and run the installer:
from Download.com (CNET)
Major Features
quick-keys:  designed for those who prefer using shortcut keys over the mouse - all tool buttons have an Alt key shortcut (quick-key), making font formatting and bulleting a snap.  You do not have to access help to determine what the shortcut keys are.
editing tools:  time saving tool buttons include;  UPPERCASE, lowercase, proper case, CLEAR (clear font formatting), and  TEXT (paste the contents of the clipboard as raw text).    
insert Date/Time:  insert the date and/or time using the DATE button.  Customize the format in which the date/time is to be inserted, including the ability to add a prefix, leading or trailing spaces, etc.
instant access to each page:  change pages (tabs) at any time using a shortcut;  simply use Ctrl+Shift plus the first letter of the page you want to change to.  Alternatively, you can press F6 (set focus to the tabs), then press the first letter of the page you want to change to.
hot key:  assign a hot key to recall (activate) TabPad.  You also have the option of using the same hot key to minimize TabPad  (if TabPad is already the active window).  Also, you can assign a different hot key to recall each of your tabbed notepads. New in version 1.5
font formatting:  each page is in Rich Text Format (RTF), allowing you to change font size, color, bold, italic, underline, strikeout, and insert bullets.
compatibility:  pages are saved as individual RTF files in a folder on your hard drive, and can be opened using WordPad or any other word processor that supports the RTF standard.
printing:  print Selection/Page/All Pages directly to the printer, or generate the RTF text to open in your word processor.
auto-save:  TabPad's auto-save feature saves changes every 60 seconds, or whenever focus is lost (whenever you switch to another page or application).  In the event that you decide not to keep your most recent changes you can use the Revert Page feature. New in version 1.5
customize:  TabPad can be customized by changing tool button colors, changing the document area color, hiding the menu, etc.
multiple notepads:  organize notes into as many tabbed notepads as you need.  All notepads can be kept in a desktop folder, directly on the desktop, or on the Start menu.  Options and settings for each tabbed notepad are saved separately, allowing you to give each notepad a different look and function.
export to a file:  export the raw text (with bullets) of each tabbed notepad to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file.  Export files can be updated automatically each time you exit TabPad. New in version 1.5
specifications:  each tabbed notepad can contain up to 255 pages.  Each RTF page has practically no limit on the amount of formatted text that can be stored.
OS support:  TabPad was tested on Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.  Since the introduction of User Account Control in Windows® Vista/7/8/10 you will need permission to create/edit a file in the folder in which TabPad is run.  When prompted by the install program (setup.exe) change the default folder (using the 'Change Directory' button) to a folder for which you have permission.  Before using the hot key feature please refer to the Help documentation. The default hot key Windows+T will need to be changed because it is now reserved for the operating system in Windows® Vista/7/8/10 and cannot be used by third party applications such as TabPad.
Possible Uses
Use TabPad to store notes, and lists, including research notes, project notes, to-do lists, trip check lists, ideas, goals, music to try, books to read, recipes, etc.
TabPad is ideal for saving text from web pages - you can paste raw text (formatting removed) using the TEXT tool button.

for a quick overview of how to use TabPad please read,
getting started
here are some direct links to the full Help documentation:
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