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Released:  Mar 31, 2003 Minor Update
  • bug fix:  some regional date/time system settings were causing installation problems.
Released:  May 28, 2002 Major Update
  • new feature:  recall TabPad using a Hot Key (and minimize using the same Hot Key).
  • new feature:  export the raw text (with bullets) of each notepad to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file. Export files can be updated automatically each time you exit TabPad.  With this feature, Palm™ handheld owners can use TabPad as a desktop companion for the built-in Memo Pad application.
  • new feature:  additional printing options; including printing All Pages directly to the printer, or generating the RTF text to open in your word processor.
  • new feature:  changes to the current page are now saved whenever focus is lost (whenever you switch to another application).
  • new feature:  TabPad can now open on the last page viewed.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  several small changes designed to make TabPad easier to use.
  • bug fixes:  a few minor bug fixes.
Released:  Dec 15, 2001 Major Update
  • new feature:  added a Date/Time insert button and corresponding Date/Time options.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  made many minor changes, including new confirmation/instruction messages for operations that are performed infrequently, and a Shift+Click reset feature on the Options dialog box for text-based options.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  changed Shift+Click color customizing to Alt+Click.
  • bug fix:  the document area would not refresh under rare circumstances (after Right-Clicking on a tab, and then selecting another tab without using the mouse).
  • bug fix:  pressing Ctrl+Tab now will not insert a tab character in the Bullet option boxes on the Options dialog box.
Released:  Sept 17, 2001 Initial Release