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Released:  Mar 31, 2003 Minor Update
  • bug fix:  some regional date/time system settings were causing installation problems.
Released:  May 28, 2002 Major Update
  • new feature:  window cycling: repeating the same window selection hot key will cycle through multiple instances of a tagged window.
  • new feature:  on the General tab of the Options dialog box:  added the option 'Minimize on startup'.
  • executable size:  the application file (JumpKeys.exe) is now smaller.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  after a window has been tagged;  the tagged window always gets the focus, and if JumpKeys was minimized it is now returned to minimized.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  several small changes designed to make JumpKeys easier to use.
  • bug fixes:  a few minor bug fixes.
Released:  Dec 15, 2001 Major Update
  • fine-tuned user interface:  on the Hot Keys tab of the Options dialog box:  1.) added color coding to the hot key identification labels to indicate whether individual hot keys are enabled or disabled.  2.) added key press search capability to the second part of each hot key (the drop-down list boxes containing F1-F12, A-Z, and so on).
  • fine-tuned user interface:  change in terminology: introduced the term 'Target Window' to replace 'Window Info'.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  added confirmation messages for 'Activate/Deactivate Hot Keys'.  These messages simply 'flash' for a second - they do not require a response.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  made a few other minor changes, mainly to some of the messages to help reduce the learning curve.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  changed Shift+Click color customizing to Alt+Click.
Released:  Sept 17, 2001 Initial Release