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JumpKeys  1.2
A desktop utility that uses hot keys for selecting (switching between) windows, minimizing, maximizing, and making windows Always On Top.  JumpKeys is particularly useful for those who work in several applications simultaneously and spend a lot of time switching between the same set of windows.  Not sure if JumpKeys is for you?  Read more...

To install the 21-day trial version of JumpKeys, download and run the installer:
from Download.com (CNET)
Major Features
select  windows:  quickly tag up to 9 of your most frequently used windows, to be selected by hot key using the numbers on the main keyboard.  By default, tagged windows can be selected using the Alt key (Alt+1, Alt+2, and so on).  The number 0 always selects the window that previously had the focus (Alt+0).  If you prefer, you can select tagged windows using the Ctrl key, Shift key, Windows key (not available in Windows® Vista/7/8/10), or even with the numbers alone.  Tagged windows are identified based on full or partial title.
window cycling:  repeating the same window selection hot key (e.g. Alt+1) will cycle through multiple instances of a tagged window - for example, all of the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" windows open on your desktop. New in version 1.2
minimize windows:  assign a hot key for minimizing windows (one at a time).
maximize/restore windows:  assign a hot key for alternately maximizing/restoring the current window.
make windows Always On Top:  make a window stay visible over other windows on the desktop.
quick access to all features:  assign a hot key to display the JumpKeys Window menu.  With the Window menu displayed, you can tag a window, select a tagged window (useful if you forgot it's tag number), make a window Always On Top, or Minimize All / Restore All windows on the desktop.  Assign a hot key for displaying the options dialog box, which is useful if you need to change any of the hot keys on a temporary basis.  Assign a hot key to active/deactivate all hot keys.
multiple installations:  more than one installation can be used individually or concurrently if you require access to more than 9 windows.
OS support:  JumpKeys was tested on Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.  In Windows® Vista/7/8/10 the Windows+0-9 hot keys are now reserved for the operating system and cannot be used by third party applications such as JumpKeys.  Also in these newer versions of the operating system some windows (such as Windows Explorer) do not display a title, which makes it more difficult to get JumpKeys to work with these types of windows.
About JumpKeys Pro:  for child window support and more, try JumpKeys Pro.

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