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JumpKeys Pro  1.2
Get all the features of JumpKeys,  plus child window support,  a tabbed clipbook,  and additional hot keys for editing and inserting text into virtually any application or dialog window.  Before installing on Windows Vista/7/8/10 please create a folder such as 'C:\mystuff\JumpKeys Pro'.  Then, when prompted by the installer use the new folder as the destination.
Major Features
JumpKeys Pro has all the features of  JumpKeys, plus ...
child window support:  use hot keys for selecting (switching), minimizing, maximizing and restoring child windows in MDI applications.  Tag up to 9 child windows based on full or partial title, to be selected in the same manner that parent windows (application windows) are selected.
tabbed clipbook:  essentially a tabbed notepad, with specialized features to make it easy to store text clippings.  Store text in up to 255 tabbed pages.  From anywhere on the desktop, use a hot key to add a new page and paste the current contents of the clipboard as raw text.  JumpKeys Pro is designed to work mainly with raw text.  However, each page is in Rich Text Format (RTF), and has practically no limit on the amount of formatted text that can be stored.  If you need to store formatted text, you can manually paste the text into the clipbook.    
multiple installations:  more than one installation can be used individually or concurrently if you require access to more than 9 windows, or if you need more than one clipbook.  For example, you can have a separate installation for each project your working on - one installation that you use all the time, plus several installations for specific projects.
insert text using ExpressInsert:  store 36 snippets of text, to quickly insert into virtually any application or dialog window.  For example, use ExpressInsert to insert your email address into a field on a web page form.
accelerated text editing with ExpressEdit:  perform clipboard intensive operations faster, in virtually any window.  ExpressEdit temporarily traps the keys 0-9 and A-Z  (i.e. when ExpressEdit is OFF, pressing C will type the letter C; when ExpressEdit is ON, pressing C will Copy the selected text).  Use a hot key to toggle ExpressEdit ON/OFF.
change case:  format text, in virtually any window, as UPPERCASE, lowercase or Proper Case using ExpressEdit.
insert date/time:  insert the date and/or time into virtually any window using either ExpressEdit or ExpressInsert.  Customize the format in which the date/time is to be inserted, including the ability to add a prefix, leading or trailing spaces, etc.
customize the interface:  customize JumpKeys Pro by changing tool button colors, changing the document area color, hiding the menu, etc.
customize hot keys:  all hot keys, excluding the ExpressEdit keys (0-9, A-Z) and the 0-9 window selection numbers (tags), are customizable.
OS support:  JumpKeys Pro was tested on Windows® 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.  Since the introduction of User Account Control in Windows® Vista/7/8/10 you will need permission to create/edit a file in the folder in which JumpKeys Pro is run.  When prompted by the install program (setup.exe) change the default folder (using the 'Change Directory' button) to a folder for which you have permission.  In Windows® Vista/7/8/10 the Windows+0-9 hot keys are now reserved for the operating system and cannot be used by third party applications such as JumpKeys Pro.  Also in these newer versions of the operating system some windows (such as Windows Explorer) do not display a title, which makes it more difficult to get JumpKeys Pro to work with these types of windows.

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