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Released:  Mar 31, 2003 Minor Update
  • bug fix:  some regional date/time system settings were causing installation problems.
Released:  May 28, 2002 Major Update
  • new feature:  window cycling: repeating the same window selection hot key will cycle through multiple instances of a tagged window.
  • new feature:  on the General tab of the Options dialog box:  added the option 'Minimize on startup'.
  • new feature:  export the raw text of each clipbook to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file. Export files can be updated automatically each time you exit JumpKeys Pro.
  • new feature:  additional printing options; including printing All Pages directly to the printer, or generating the RTF text to open in your word processor.
  • new feature:  changes to the current page are now saved whenever focus is lost.
  • new feature:  JumpKeys Pro can now open on the last page viewed.
  • executable size:  the application file (JumpKeys.exe) is now smaller.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  after a window has been tagged;  the tagged window always gets the focus, and if JumpKeys was minimized it is now returned to minimized.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  several small changes designed to make JumpKeys Pro easier to use.
  • bug fixes:  a few minor bug fixes.
Released:  Dec 15, 2001 Major Update
  • new feature:  ExpressInsert:  added DATE and TIME fields.
  • new feature:  ExpressEdit:  added the ExpressEdit key T for pasting the contents of the clipboard as raw text.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  on the Hot Keys tab of the Options dialog box:  1.) added color coding to the hot key identification labels to indicate whether individual hot keys are enabled or disabled.  2.) added key press search capability to the second part of each hot key (the drop-down list boxes containing F1-F12, A-Z, and so on).
  • fine-tuned user interface:  change in terminology: introduced the term 'Target Window' to replace 'Window Info'.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  added confirmation messages for 'Activate/Deactivate Hot Keys'.  These messages simply 'flash' for a second - they do not require a response.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  made many minor changes, including new confirmation/instruction messages for operations that are performed infrequently, and a Shift+Click reset feature on the Options dialog box for text-based options.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  changed Shift+Click color customizing to Alt+Click.
  • fine-tuned user interface:  ExpressInsert:  1.) pressing Tab will now insert a tab character while editing an insert.  2.) ExpressInsert files are now saved as *.TXT.  3.) the 0-9 inserts can now be executed using the numbers on the numeric keypad.
  • bug fix:  the document area would not refresh under rare circumstances (after Right-Clicking on a tab, and then selecting another tab without using the mouse).
  • bug fix:  ExpressInsert:  under certain conditions, immediately after editing an insert, trying to execute an insert would produce a "...cannot recognize window..." message.
  • bug fix:  ExpressEdit:  the Print button on the list of ExpressEdit keys is now working.
  • bug fix:  ExpressEdit:  the ExpressEdit keys for UPPER CASE, lower case, Proper Case, and Date now work within JumpKeys' clipbook.
  • bug fix:  ExpressEdit:  the small ExpressEdit window would lose it's Always On Top setting under rare circumstances.
  • bug fix:  the main JumpKeys window, under certain conditions after the hot key for 'Add a Clip' was used, would lose it's maximized window state after being restored from minimized.
Released:  Sept 17, 2001 Initial Release